Relativity explained by classical mechanics of waves
Author: Serge CABALA (first internet page: january 2000)
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My works show, that the relativity considered to be revolutionary as compared to the
classical mechanics, is in fact only the classical mechanics of elastic mediums, 
or classical mechanics of waves.

These original works have been admitted by French CNRS.
The presented results are a part of my works made in 1975.(nineteen seventy five)
Some consequences:
          A well animated program on waves and relativity, program that was never seen.
          A perfect understanding and mastery of Lorentz's formulae.
          Speeds greater than c are not excluded by the formulae of the relativity.
          A fine analysis of the Michelson and Morlay experiment is in favour of the ether.
          Waves in classical mechanics have a corpuscular behaviour.
These works, accessible to a large scientist public, give a relativity released
of all special metaphysics on space and time, that is not the case actually,
and allow us to understand duality wave-corpuscle.

I propose you to download freely, a self-extracting package named relaukzip.exe 
       (less than 300 k, quickly downloaded) 
  and containing:

        W54-2bWuk.exe   Program very well animated (running on any pc).
                        You will can even draw your own waves with the mouse.

        readme.htm      Preliminary explanation, readable with any internet navigator.
        relasuk.htm     Elementary Study of Lorentz' formulae (original study ).

        TimeZones.htm   Original course about measurments relative to a referential,
                        with exercices.
        ExeLorentz.htm  Original exercices about Lorentz' transformations.
        keys.htm        Mouse and keys actions used in relauk.exe .
        hello.htm       This page with some changes (files are readable,from here).

All " .htm " files are readable with any internet navigator.                   

Once the package downloaded, unzip it on a chosen directory of your hard disk. 
To do this, using windows explorer, double click  "relaukzip.exe", and follow instructions.
(Default unziped directory is "c:\waves and relativity".)
Then to execute the animated waves program, using windows explorer, double click on "W54-2bWuk.exe"
that appear in the directory "c:\waves and relativity\waves_relativity", if you have chosen default.

Otherwise: in the unzipped package click (execute) "hello.htm". From this html page it is
           possibe to read all files and execute relauk.exe.
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Click here to download relaukzip.exe                                                              readme.htm

                                                                                                                           relasuk.htm (Original study of Lorentz' formulae)
                                                                                                                           TimeZones.htm (Original course on measurements)

                                                                                                                           ExeLorentz.htm (Exercices on Lorentz' formulae)

The below picture is a copy of one the possible screens of program W54-2bWuk.exe (not animated here).