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                          WAVES AND RELATIVITY 
                            (Serge Cabala) 

The enclosed program is written in c gnu language .

This language is freely distributed  on many internet ftp sites .  
For example:  ftp://ftp.grolier.fr/ad/simtelnet/gnu/djgpp
(site in France) 
An internet engine research  will give you the other ftp sites on which 
to download  the c gnu.

Graphic parts use grx23, distributed on the same ftp sites .
A great thank  to all those that have conceived and distributed this

The program and texts enclosed are free and can be distributed
provided they are not altered. Alterations must be approved by the author.
Thank you to signal me the lack of spellings.

The program runs under all system, with some minor modifications in the
source (source is available on request for free and will sent by email).

The aim of this  program is to show how the classical mechanics of waves
generate the formulae of relativity, to show that relativity is nothing but
the classical  mechanics of waves.

It is advised to test the program before reading on explanations,
which makes it less arduous and less difficult to understand.

The explanatory text is written in html .
It is named relasuk.htm .
You will find it in the directory  "relauk_html" . 

     A small elementary program  RELA.BAS  in QBASIC is also enclosed,
     It is easily modifiable, it allows verification and perception of
     fundamental sense of my works, works admitted by the french CNRS. 
When you have understood it, it will be very easy for you to do this sort of
program in your favorite language.

I will quickly explain here one of the facets of my works. Explanations are within
 understanding of a lot, they are resumed and developed in text relasuk.htm .

These explanations are the articulation of the enclosed program.

The Lorentz's formulae, anterior to relativity and the basis of relativity, are:

                       x'= (x - vt)/b     and     t' = (t - vx/(c^2))/b
              with  b = sqrt (1 - (v^2)/(c^2))  and - c < v < c 
                            (sqrt:  square root, ^2:  power 2)

These transformations are simple linear transformations of x and t, of the form:

   x' = px+qt and t' = mx + nt 
(p q m n constants,  p = 1/b, q = - v/b,  m = 1/b, n = - v/(b c^2)) 

Every transversal wave on a vibrant cord  (the speed of a free wave being c)
has an equation of the form :

y = f(ct - x) + g(ct + x),  f and g being any two functions.

Let us calculate   ct' - x' and  ct' + x', 
x' and  t'  being the  transformed  of x and t by Lorentz' formulae.

We find:  ct'-x' = ((1+v/c)/b)(ct - x)   and   ct'+x' = ((1 - v/c)/b)(ct+x) 

let's put  k1 = (1+v/c)/b  and  k2 = (1 - v/c)/b

We have:  ct'-x'= k1 (ct - x)  and  ct'+x'= k2 (ct+x)

let's replace in   y=f(ct - x) +g(ct+x)   x   and   t   by  x' and  t',

          we obtain:   y=f(k1 (ct - x)) + g(k2 (ct+x))

That is nothing but a new wave on the same waving cord.
This new wave is the first wave put at speed v.

If the first wave  is a stationary wave, with permanent points (motionless points), 
in the wave put at v speed, we can see permanent points sliding at v speed along  the cord.

From there, I advise you to use the program relauk.exe ,
which is easy to use and well animated, which will allow you to see what happens,
then to read complementary explanations in the enclosed documents .

Complement:  if E is the total energy of a stationary wave, the total energy
              of this wave put at v speed as above is:  Ev=E / b.
              A stationary wave between two permanent points behaves as a
              body of mass E/(c^2) for the acceleration.
    If permanent points slide to v speed, the inertial mass is Ev / c^2

             Thus on vibrant cords we find the relationship:  w=mc^2.

     This complement requires some precisions, which were given in my first work:

                      Relativity by waving strings (1975 , 183 pages)
                     (work classified in Original Archives of the CNRS since 1977)

       My other important works are:

                       Relativity by elastic mediums (1981 , 185 pages)
                      (results obtained on vibrant cords are extended to three dimensional elastic

                      Changes of variables  transforming all functions of d'alembertian equal to zero
                       into functions of the same property.
                       With extension to equations of Klein-Gordon  (1988 , 129 pages).

I have been in touch wich many publishers and many specialists (all of them approving of my results), but I have not succeeded in publishing my work. 
 On the other hand, in the mid 1980s, one has seen the appearance of an abstruse
theory, taken up by all scientific magazines, and entitled: Super-strings theory,
theory elaborated, among others, by a French researcher (departed since) that claimed to have
had the idea in 1980, perhaps even
in 1977.

But :
        - My first book has been classified in Archives Originales du CNRS since
        - I have informed  a great number of  foreign and French
           specialists about my works, since at least 1976.

        - Instead of distributed fundamental and indisputable
           results accessible to a  large public,
           some scientists have favored (with a lot of advertisement) the distribution of an            
obscure work, whose title takes after the title of my first book.

Rather than to admit that relativity is only the classical waves mechanics,
some sectarians of relativity prefer to magnify abstruse ideas in physics.

Well before super strings , a French scientist publisher has replied me: 
                  " Scientists are very happy of the current formulation of the relativity, 
it is not therefore necessary to reinterpret it from vibrant cords which one does 
not know nearly anything about"

Another example,  a more recent bit:
"Works are good quality, but their publication is not required considering
the realities of contemporary physics."
(conclusion of the director of the CNRS at the end of one of many reports on my works.1988)

We can see the levity of arguments that are opposed to my research .

     Human rights on scientific production are far from being respected
     (Article 27, article 19, see below).

The distribution of my indisputable and inevitable result  means the
disappearance of the tranditional relativity school .

But in order to avoid this disappearance, is it permitted : 
   To refuse to reason right?
   To refuse to expose elementary realities, those of vibrant cords, those of
   elastic mediums, because of opposite realities to some principles of these school?

A great lot of physicists confess to not understanding the traditional
statement of  relativity very well.
Results that I give allow us finally to have the full meaning of formulae of relativity.

With Lord Kelvin, I say :
    << It seems to me that the true sense of  the question: 
    Do we, or do we not, understand  that  peculiar subjet in physics is: Can we make a
    corresponding mechanical model ?  I am never satisfied so long as I have
    not been able to make a mechanical model of the object, if I can 
    make a mechanical model, I understand; so long as  I am not able to make
    a mechanical model, I do not understand.  >>

                                Cabala Serge 
                                6 / 19 / 1999
                                Translated into English (12/15/1999)

                                internet email :  

Universal Declaration of Human Rights  (adopted in Paris 12-10-1948)

Article 27.

(1) Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the
community, to enjoy the arts and to share in the scientific advancement and
its benefits.

(2) Everyone has the right to the protection of the moral and material interest 
resulting from any scientific, literary or artistic production of which he is the author.

Article 19.

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; 
this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, 
receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.
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